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Various news and events of CFO token issued by

CFO token has been trading on Exchange since 15:00 on November 26. which CFO Token was listed is a registered cryptocurrency exchange in Singapore. has received investment from 43 investment companies, including strategic investment from China's first cryptocurrency exchange, BTC China, and is currently establishing offices in countries such as the U.S., Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
*BTC China, a major investor at is China's first cryptocurrency exchange, and founder Bobby Lee is known to be the brother of Charlie Lee, the creator of Litetcoin.
BTC China is an investor and strategic partner of has a general exchange and C2C off-board transactions system, and cryptocurrency transactions USDT, BTC, ETH and CNZ are possible. is capable of processing 5 million units per second based on its high technology, has no delay in ordering. is running a 365-day, 24-hour customer service center.

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WeChat 1st

Date: November 12

Guest: CEO of
Topic: Introduction and future planning of
Live Time: 40 minutes

Main contents:

1. The main business of
2. The technology of
3. The future planning of

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WeChat 2nd

Date: November 15

Guest: CEO of
Topic: The trading volume of Margin Exchange
Live Time: 40 minutes

Main Contents:

1. The Present Situation of Margin Trading Market
2. The Position of in Margin Trading Market
3. The future planning of

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Live Interview on Youku (11/25)

Date: November 25

Guest: CEO of, the overseas general manager of Topic: The key questions and answers related to CFO Token,, and
Topic: The trading volume of Margin Exchange
Live Time: 70 minutes

Main Contents:

1. The introduction of's Business
2. The strength of & CFO Token
3. The future planning of & related to listing

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CFO Token Project is the world's only platform dedicated to cryptocurrency derivatives. provides investors with accurate derivatives information and a safer way to invest.
The CFO Token will enable to evolve into a hub for information and transactions in the growing derivatives market.
Through implementation of the CFO Token, 2.0 is set to take a strong foothold in this new and exciting market.

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1st Bounty Campaign

In commemoration of the issuance of CFO Token, we are holding the first Bounty Campaign worth 200 million won in total.
The first Bounty event will run on 7:00 p.m. of November 12 until December 31, 2019.
Please join us.

Types of Bounty Campaign

1. The new members of to 20,000 members) will receive 300 CFO
2. Users who enter the official Telegram channel will receive 600 CFO
3. Users who enter the official KakaoTalk channel will receive 300 CFO
4. Official Facebook Campaign: 200 CFO will be received
5. Official Twitter Campaign: 200 CFO will be received.
6. Random active users in the official Telegram & KakaoTalk will receive 5,000 CFO

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