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1st AMA WeChat(Interview)

Interview 2019-11-12 WeChat

1. Please introduce the platform to the started as an informational service that organized and presented transaction information on the exchange to cryptocurrency margin traders. We have various graphs and data on the current trading status of major exchanges, as well as sound alarm system that informs investors by sound.

2. Please introduce yourself. When did you come across cryptocurrency? What is the purpose of establishing

Since early 2017, I have been investing in cryptocurrency, I realized that I didn't have enough information to invest in, so I created

3. How many's data is now? (Registered Users, Visits, User Distribution, Revenue Situation)

About 70,000 people use it every day. The average user's stay time is about 34 minutes. It is used in about 20 countries, including Korea, and the proportion of Chinese users is relatively small, so we are going to try to maximize in the future. For more information, see here.

4. The platform's data and users appear to be very active. What is Coinfarm's cash conversion format as a margin analysis platform?

API transactions are now charged, and we made a profit by providing our own foreign futures trading. The investment asset is BTC. Recently, it provides Japanese game and uses Ethereum and other cryptocurrency.

5. You just mentioned that users can invest through API Farm. As far as I know, it is illegal to provide margin trading on the Korea Exchange. But coinfarm’s users are mostly Korean, how can you solve this problem?

Companies that directly operate the exchange as a corporation in Korea cannot service margin trading. As related laws are not clear in Korea, the Korean exchanges currently do not offer margin trading services. Coin Farm has many Korean users, but it is a company established in Seychelles In addition, it is not directly operating the exchange and provides a means to use the foreign exchange through API. Currently, Korean users use foreign margin trading a lot. There is no sanction yet on this part.

6. There's a lot of content on the platform, so can you elaborate on each of the menus? Why do you call it Farm?

It is called Farm in meaning to grow and nurture. Margin Analysis mainly collects sales and position information from major exchanges. This is the most frequently used service. Margin Position is a leaderboard that aggregates personal position information released through Bitmex's chat window. Here's where the other investors are going. Exchange Analysis allows you to view detailed stock-specific data on major exchanges. In Sound farm, you can see the movement of prices through sound Bitmex is currently available in APIFarm, and other large exchanges will continue to be added. API transactions have no overload, and you will be able to get a large discount on fees with CFO Token.

7. recently collaborated with CoinVoice and many other company (including OKEx, ETC, and NULS). All companies mention "Margin Farm." How is this menu different from the "Margin" we commonly see?

Margin Farm is a new menu. External exchanges such as OKEx are available through API transactions that we prepare ourselves. Major Altcoin will participate as cryptocurrency for the use of the transaction system. NULs will be listed as one of these investments.

8. I recently heard that the leading foreign companies have sent you a "buying intention." Can you tell me the details?

We're getting collaboration or investment from a lot of big companies. We can't announce it yet, but our information services and platforms are getting valuable because that the derivatives market for cryptocurrency is growing so much.

9. What is planning for the future? Do you have any plans to issue coins in the future? Do you have any plans to enter the Chinese market?

We will provide you with a detailed guide on the issue of Coins soon. CFO Token will be issued to support internal services and API transactions. I think it's going to be a highly utilized. The official site is currently open. You can be found the overview through http://Ico.coinfarm.onlne The Chinese market is seen as the most likely market. So, we're working with major Chinese exchanges and various companies, and we've done a good job with them so far.