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2nd AMA WeChat(Interview) (11/15)

Interview 2019-11-15 WeChat


1, Please introduce Coinfarm. What are company positioning, corporate culture, and strategic goals?

Coinfarm is an information service for cryptocurrency margin trading that started in May 2018. We analyze and provide information on margin exchanges such as BitMEX. The service is being welcomed by real investors, and is being expanded and upgraded. Coinfarm wants to show the aggregated information that is scattered across the derivatives, margin trading market so that investors can easily invest, lower risk, and earn a lot of revenue. We're going to connect a lot of exchanges to act like the HUB of trading

2. There are many blockchain industry fields, so why did you finally choose the cryptographic margin analysis platform? How do you view the trends in the trading platform?

The market is growing, but users are not using the right information. Each exchange does not allow users to view the trading information comfortably. We believe that information services are of great value in this situation. There will be more platforms for margin trading in the future. Margin trading is highly risky and profitable. The problem is information. The success or failure of investment depends on what information can be accessed faster and more easily. It's not like the spot market. People who are good at information can make a profit. CoinFarm will upgrade its information further, create communities and support transactions through APIs, so that users with margin trading will be able to do everything.

3. What are the key advantages of Coinfarm over other cryptocurrency trading platforms as its cryptographic margin analysis platform?

Because we didn't start with a trading platform, but with an information platform, we can do business with various exchanges. And users can be supported all of the processes of getting information and trading. We think from a user's point of view and run the platform. That's the most different thing and the best thing about us.

4. Talk about Coinfarm's problems and achievements this year, and what are your plans for next year?

We are planning to develop a variety of businesses. We will also expand API trading, which was limited to BitMEX. And we will support the Altcoin margin trading system.

5. Coinfarm has many overseas networks. Each country has a different supervisory attitude. How do you think and organize your global exploration?

So we have to think about the differences in each country It's almost difficult to get an American user now. Margin trading is illegal in Korea. Therefore, you cannot do business in Korea with a corporation. We will only serve within the legal boundaries.

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6. What do you think about expanding the industry? Talk to me what Coinfarm is doing or planning to do.

The derivatives market continues to be fast prepared. We’re trying to inform spot market traders about margin trading and to promote that margin trading is not that difficult. The margin trading market will now grow more than 10 times the spot trading market. Exchange rankings, successes and failures will depend on how much margin users can hold. We're trying to prepare for this explosive market.

7. In the currently blockchain industry market, China's blockchain market has the highest voice at the moment, but the management authorities have a passive attitude toward Coin. How do you view the future of the industry?

The management authorities have of course, a conservative attitude, and it should be. I think what's important is a big flow. The trend of China's desire to become the global market for cryptocurrency and blockchain remains unchanged and will be stronger.


8. Can you tell us how you entered the blockchain industry, your personal experience and your understanding of blockchain?

I started out as an investor. I invested mainly in BitMEX, made profits, but also failed. From the perspective of an investor, we created the current coinfarm. Many other investors than I thought access and give the feedback. Since I have been a developer for a long time, I want to make it a great platform and be a necessary platform for the blockchain industry.

9. What is your personal vision and what goals do you want to achieve? Is your personal vision connected to the block chain?

First of all, I want to grow Coinfarm at a time when the market for derivatives and margin trading is exploding for the next year. It will also effectively provide margin information to new entrants. Also, I want Coin Farm to be successful and recognized in the Chinese market.