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Our service is " API futures(margin) trading service" for premium membership provided through partnership with Binance, the world's largest exchange.

Our service operates a membership referral system and users who want to register new need to require referral from existing members. (Reward 15% of invitee fee)

Our service operates a bonus system and offers up to 27.5% fee discount for members. 

The member's assets are safe because the deposit and withdrawal are operated, stored and managed under the control of the service provider the binance.

How to registration

How to registration

  1. Enter your registered Binance referral code. If you do not know the referral code, Please contact our C / S team.
  2. Please select a country.
  3. Please enter a phone number.
  4. Click on Request.
  5. Please enter your certification number.
How to log in

How to log in

  1. Please select a country.
  2. Please enter the registered phone number.
  3. Click on Request.
  4. Please enter your certification number.
How to Deposit

How to Deposit

It availiable deposit BTC or USDT on Binance API service.

For BTC deposit

  1. Purchase USDT after deposit
  2. Move USDT to futures USDT

For USDT deposit

  1. Move to futures USDT after deposit directly
Exchange flow


Withdraw for BTC

  1. Move Futures USDT to USDT It is.
  2. Purchase BTC from USDT. (BINANCE Exchange)
  3. Apply for withdrawal.

withdraw for USDT

  1. Move futures USDT to USDT
  2. Apply for withdrawal.

“Binance API futures(margin) trading service” Open Event!!

“To celebrate the opening of the service, we will add 30% of the 15% referral bonus for those who sign up and invite friends.

“The event period is only one month after the service is open, so join us now and get the benefit.

“Schedule: March 9th 00:00 - April 8th 00:00

“Target: All users who sign up and invite friends

“Content : Additional bonus 30%up of among Referral bonus 15%

Coming Soon