Margin Farm : PLY Playcoin provides margin trading environment for bitcoins. Open scheduled for Sep 2019
Margin History Regulation Affiliate Status quick deposit
Margin Leverage Setup
Cross 50x
Balance PLY Leverage Available PLY Margin Blance PLY
Value Entry Price Market Price Liq. Price
Size Profit PLY Profit BTC Unrealised PNL
Revenue Close
Loss Close
When contract, i will reveal position 'I'm a leader' (the 5% automatic discount fee)
Trade value pop-up notification
Filter Show Transaction Information
Transaction Order Book
Limit Order Market Order Stop Order
0 %
0 %
Auto Limit Price Function
Long / Buy Short / Sell
Trading Event PLY / BTC
Minimum Coverage 100 PLY
Trading Time 365 Days 24h
USD Conversion 1:1
Trading Fee
Limit Trade Position Value X 2.5%
Market Trade Position Value X 5.5%
Buy Orders
Type Price Value Cancel
Sell Orders
Type Price Value Cancel

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