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About CFO Token swap

News 2020-03-09Coinfarm

About CFO Token swap
Hello, we are the operation team of Tera Farm, the issuer of CFO Token.

CFO Token is a cryptocurrency issued in connection with's business.

This swap is to exchange CFO Token for PlayX coin, which will be issued by Game Hub Corporation Limited and listed on Bithumb( exchange on March 10.

Recently, has been trying to expand its cryptocurrency derivatives information service through partnerships with various cryptocurrency providers.
In response, we are establishing Eco System, which issues cryptocurrency CFO Token and shares the profits created by the partnership with users and partners.

This Token Swap with CFO Token and PlayX is a partnership that not only enables token holders to trade more easily at Bithumb, Korea's largest exchange, but also to build a wider Eco system (PlayCoin Crypto Alliance) with various participants through a strategic partnership with Game Hub to eventually pursue's growth and holders' benefit.
CFO Token will be swapped 1:1 with PlayX coin and eliminated after swapping.
For more information, please contact

PlayX issue details

■Coin name : PlayX
■Symbol : PLX
■Coin Type : ERC-20
■Contract : 0x694522ef876d096d9e2b3a2027d6251c9214d54f
■Total Supplay : 10,000,000,000
■Official Site :
■Main Exchange :
■Issuer : Game Hub Corporation Limited ■Address : Unit 706, 7/F, South Seas Centre, Tower 2, 75 Mody Road, TsimShaTsui, Hong Kong.
■Email :

Procedure “CFO → PlayX Swap”

■Swap procedure by the state of CFO's possession

1. If you have CFO in's internal wallet, your CFO will be automatically swapped to PlayX on schedule.
 The temporary period of withdrawal suspension will be set for the swapping works.
 CFO deposits are not banned.
 CFO deposited within the swap period will be exchanged for PlayX, and when the suspension period of withdrawal ends, CFO can be immediately withdrawn to the external wallet.

2. If you have CFO in your external wallet, please deposit it into's internal wallet first.
 CFO will be exchanged for PlayX in the same way as above 1.
 Please note that swapping for each external wallet will not proceed.

3. If you have CFO on exchange, will exchange the CFO for PlayX on its own.
Please refer to the notice on and participate in the swap. will also provide you with related information.

■Swap Schedule

1. The official swap procedures will begin on March 10, 2020.
2. The CFO's withdrawal from will be suspended from March 10 to March 15, 2020.
3. The withdrawal from will resume on March 15, 2020.
4. The swap at will be announced separately on

CFO>FAQ about “CFO→PlayX Swap”

1. Q: How are you going to handle the remaining supplies other than CFO's sales volume?
  A: All CFO except for the volume of CFO holders will be eliminated.

2. Q: What kind of coin is PlayX?
  A: PlayX is a coin for various uses.
   We are preparing for B2B Wallet, e-Commerce, MCN Platform, Copyright Platform, and others with leading partners.
   One of them is a business related to cryptocurrency derivatives with

3. Q: How much is the distribution volumes of PlayX?
  A: There are one billion distribution volumes equal to the existing PlayCoin issue volumes.

4. Q: Will CFO not be available in from now on?
  A: From now on, will not use CFO for business purposes.
   Instead, we do business with PlayX.
   A certain amount of PlayX is allocated to the business use of, and uses 20% of its revenue to repurchase PlayX.

5. Q: What about CFO that have not been swapped in time?
  A: For those who have not been able to swap in time because they don't know the schedule, We'll give them a separate guide.
   Please contact first.

6. Q: What should I do with my CFO in
  A: CFO is automatically deleted as the swap schedule and the same number of PlayX is distributed.
   Members do not need to do anything else.

7. Q: I lost the Private Key of my personal wallet where kept CFO. What should I do?
  A: If you lose the Private Key, there is no solution we can take.

8. Q: When can I withdraw PlayX from my wallet and move it to Bithumb?
  A: From the day that's withdrawal restriction is lifted, withdrawal is immediately available,
transferable to Bithumb's wallet.