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OKEx CSO: Compound To Trigger Defi Projects To Imitate, But This Success Is Difficult To Replicate
OKEx Chief Strategy Officer Xu Kun just posted on Weibo (Chinese Twitter) that Compound s "Borrowing To Mine" project attracted $500 million adding in locked value within a week. It not only pushes Defi s total market value to a new high, but also makes Compound surpassed Maker Dao, which will inevitably trigger a lot of Defi projects to follow suit. However, Compound already has a certain liquidity foundation, and the mining incentive model only plays a role in catalyzing growth. If other projects copy its operations without actual business support, it is difficult to replicate such success. At the same time, Compound s current valuation is on the high side. After all, its the locked value is equivalent to MKR s, but its market value is already five times than that of MKR. Miners need to pay attention to risks. In addition, systemic risks and code vulnerabilities are still factors that cannot be underestimated in the entire Defi ecosystem.
Negotiation Details: WU Jihan Proposes To Bear Daily Operating Costs Of Bitmain Refused By ZHAN Ketuan
According to a news outlet, on June 23, some details of the negotiation between WU Jihan and ZHAN Ketuan was exposed online, which are confirmed by multiple internal sources of Bitmain for its reliability. The negotiation details read as follows: 1. ZHAN masters Bitmain in Beijing and Clouddic (refers to materials) in Shenzhen city, China; 2. WU holds the funds and chips of mining machines. 3. At present, the cooperation of both parties above is required to produce mining machines. 4. WU proposed to pay for ZHAN s monthly payment to the supplier and the wages of Bitmain employees. And every time a mining machine is sold, WU will give ZHAN the income of the mining machine, which can only be used for the daily operation of the company. And it must ensure that the original customers orders can be completed. 5. ZHAN disagrees with the fourth proposal above. 6. For the mining machines in October, ZHAN couldn t get TSMC s wafer, the chip. 7. The chip is not as easy as the materials to get. Thus, WU always has the ability to get rid of Cloudic and makes his own mining machines. The reason ZHAN disagrees with the fourth point above may be that WU still aims to control sales and finance, which is unacceptable to ZHAN who needs absolute power in sales and finance.
CoinNess Coin Data: The Number Of Bitcoin Whale Transfers Up 24.88%
Monitored by, as of 00:00, June 24 (UTC), 1) the number of Bitcoin active addresses is on a day-to-day increase of 24.37%, marking 875,800. 2) The number of Bitcoin on-chain transactions is 356,800 with a day-to-day increase of 19.17%. 3) The number of BTC whale transfers (over 100 BTC each) is 758 with a day-to-day increase of 24.88%. 4) Active addresses on Ethereum report 549,400 with a day-to-day increase of 2.29%. Note: On-chain transactions and active addresses of a cryptocurrency have a positive correlation with its price.
About 41k ETH Moved To Bitfinex
Citing Whale Alert, about 41,000 ETH ($10 mln) were transferred from an unknown address to Bitfinex at 00:20 UTC on June 24. The hash is 0x0ab83e07e51518c46b89a15d7c61899b0d5ba30b5ab4098f1ae5e08c2ee96cf3.
Report: As Issuance Of Tether Slows, Price Of BTC May Fall
On June 24, Coinmetrics pointed out in the latest report that there is a positive correlation between issuing stablecoin Tether (USDT) and the price of Bitcoin. As the USDT issuance slows down, the price of Bitcoin may tend to fall in the future.
CoinNess Highlights For June 24: Binance Futures To Launch ZRX / USDT Perpetual Contract
1. Binance will open trading for BTC / UAH and USDT / UAH trading pairs at 6:00; 2. Huobi Global will resume all trading pairs of SEELE, as well as SEELE deposits and withdrawals, at 07:00; 3. Binance Futures will launch ZRX / USDT perpetual contract, with the trading opening at 9:00 (UTC); 4. FATF member jurisdictions must demonstrate progress on implementing Travel Rule solutions by June, when their efforts will be reviewed at FATF s plenary meeting, to be conducted virtually on June 24. Note: To learn incoming Big Events a step faster, upgrade your App to the latest version and click "News" - "Calendar" to explore our brandnew feature.
Balancer Has Officially Deployed Its Governance Tokens On Ethereum Mainnet
Balancer, an Ethereum-based automated market maker exchange protocol, has officially deployed its governance tokens on the Ethereum mainnet. Announcing the news on June 23, the Balancer team said almost 1,000 Ethereum addresses would receive the governance token BAL. Soon after the deployment, the tokens also started trading on Balancer s own exchange platform and decentralized exchange Uniswap.
Data: Total Market Value Of DeFi Tokens Exceeds $6.7 Billion
DeFiMarketCap data shows that the total market value of DeFi tokens in the top 100 market value has exceeded $6.7 billion, and it, as of press time, marks $6.71 billion. Among them, Compound has a market value of $2.64 billion, ranking the first; Balancer has a market value of $577 million, ranking the second, and Maker has a market value of about $497 million, ranking the third.
South Korea Developing Solution That Hunts Down Dark Web Crypto Deals
A South Korean government agency will develop software that will trace the movement of cryptocurrencies on the dark web. The move is a direct response to the Telegram Nth Room case, a rape and sexual exploitation video ring that has flummoxed police. Per New Daily, the new initiative is the brainchild of the Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA), which says it has been working on a solution since January this year. However, KISA appears to have intensified its efforts in the wake of the Nth Room case.
Spot Gold Rises To $1770 Per Ounce
Monitored by CoinNess, spot gold has increased to $1,770 per ounce, a new high since October 2012.
IBMC To Launch Gold-Backed Digital Currency
IBMC Financial Professionals Group, an internationally recognised financial services institution and business consultants, has joined hands with US Gold Currency and Blockfills to bring the world s first monetary gold-backed digital gold currency to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Middle East and Africa (MEA).
BTC Mining Difficulty Estimated To Grow By 4.52% To 16.50 T
Citing data from, up to 19:15 (UTC) on June 23, the BTC mining difficulty marks 15.78 T, estimated to increase by 4.52% to 16.50 T in seven days and 18 hours. The 24-hour transaction rate marks 3.88 txs/s, with the network hashrate reporting 107.64 EH/s.
Ethereum Futures Open Interest (Perpetual) (1D MA) Reached 3-Month High On Deribit
According to the information revealed by Glassnode, Ethereum Futures Open Interest (Perpetual) (1d MA) has reached a 3-month high of $19,149,003.33 on Deribit. And the previous 3-month high of $19,139,155.33 was observed on June 11, 2020.
CoinNess Market Surveillance June 23: BTC Trading Above $9600
As of 18:00 (UTC) on June 23, the global price index of Bitcoin (BTC) has been trading above the $9,600 level. At present, the coin marks $9,648.51 with an increase of 1.22% in the past 24 hours. The Bullish vs. Bearish Indicator shows our four-hour technical bias on BTC is "Strong Buy" with zero indicators sending out selling signals, five showing neutral signals, and 13 indicating buying signals. The broad market is trading in an upward trend, with 77 out of Top 100 cryptos by market cap rising. The global market cap reads $274.86 billion, and the 24-hour trading volume is $65.86 billion. Major Coins 1. BTC quotes show 9,654.02 USDT on Binance, $9,667.30 on Bitfinex, $9,654.01 on Coinbase Pro and 9,653.97 USDT on; 2. Market Index presents quotes for major cryptocurrencies besides BTC as following: ETH marks $244.14 (+0.59%); XRP marks $0.1889 (+0.19%); BCH marks $242.08 (+1.27%); LTC marks $44.22 (+0.32%); EOS marks $2.58 (+0.82%); ETC marks $6.41 (+1.00%). Top 3 Gainers and Losers in Cryptocurrencies 1. Top 3 gainers among Top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap: BNT (+23.39%), ZEC (+11.24%), and BCD (+10.72%); 2. Top 3 losers among Top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap: FXC (-10.61%), NANO (-2.97%), and VET (-2.52%). Cap Flows of Coins/Exchanges 1. Top 3 capital inflows within the last 24 hours: BTC (+$236.04 mln), ETH (+$26.86 mln), and ETC (+$6.50 mln); 2. Top 3 capital outflows within the last 24 hours: LTC (-$7.77 mln), EOS (-$7.73 mln), and XRP (-$5.34 mln); 3. Net inflows/outflows of exchanges: Binance (-$9.42 mln), Bitfinex (+$14.29 mln), and Coinbase Pro (+$17.03 mln).
Bitfinex CTO: Investors Would Not Be Investing In Tether Without Trust
Commenting on Tether’s $10 million equity investment in crypto lending platform Celsius Network (CEL) at a $120 million pre-money valuation, Paolo Ardoino, Bitfinex CTO, said that investors would not be investing in Tether if they don’t trust it. "If you look at what was the tokenization when the lawsuits were filed and what it is now, it increased by nine-fold. It was $1 billion, [and] now it is $9 billion. If there was any concern of not trusting Tether, investors would not be [investing]," he tweeted.
OKEx To Upgrade Perpetual Contract Trading System From 08:10 To 09:10 On June 22
OKEx announced a perpetual contract trading system upgrade from 08:10 to 09:10 on June 22, 2020 (UTC). The following 16 coins will be affected during the upgrade: ADA, ALGO, ATOM, DASH, IOST, IOTA, KNC, LINK, NEO, ONT, QTUM, THETA, XLM, XMR, XTZ, and ZEC. Click ‘Read More’ for details.
IPFS Introduces Significant Changes To Protocol In V0.6.0
IPFS has launched the latest version 0.6.0, which contains some significant changes to the IPFS protocol. Highlights in this release are as follows. 1. The QUIC transport is enabled by default. Furthermore, go-ipfs will automatically run a migration to listen on the QUIC transport (on the same address/port as the TCP transport) to make this upgrade process seamless. 2. The new NOISE security transport is now supported but won t be selected by default. This transport will replace SECIO as the default cross-language interoperability security transport. TLS 1.3 will still remain the default security transport between go-ipfs nodes for now. Click ‘Read More’ for details.
Boboo Users Topped 1M, "Hot Cake"/Native Token BOBT Plays A Big Part
Citing the official news, in the context of the halving, the crypto exchange is unprecedentedly popular. Both the popularity and traffic have skyrocketed, with 400,000 new users were attracted in the first quarter of 2020. It only took eight months for to realize the goal of 1 million users, leading it to the forefront of first-tier exchanges. It should be noted that in addition to some major crypto exchanges such as Binance and Huobi, the million-level user traffic is difficult for crypto exchanges to achieve, indicating that it is even harder for, an exchange that has been established for only less than one year, to do it. The launch of BOBT is an important measure to further benefit and gather users. Meanwhile, it is an indispensable key for users to breaking through 1 million as well. With a total of 21 million BOBT, all users will receive an unlimited BOBT giveaway when they trade or invite friends to register and trade within 100 days. Besides, those BOBT that have not been generated within 100 days will be burned.
ETH Shortly Rises To 235 USDT On has observed that ETH just rose to 235 USDT, reaching 235.52 USDT. The coin marks 235.11 USDT with a 24h increase of 2.45% on currently. For more alerts on real-time market changes, add your portfolio at "Watch List" to enable the Intelligent Market Monitor, seizing more investment opportunities.
BTC Shortly Rises To 9400 USDT On has observed that BTC just rose to 9,400 USDT, reaching 9,406.28 USDT. The coin marks 9,405.93 USDT on currently. For more alerts on real-time market changes, add your portfolio at "Watch List" to enable the Intelligent Market Monitor, seizing more investment opportunities.