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Blockchain Insurance Consortium B3i Quietly Raises $16 Million
B3i, a blockchain startup owned by some of the world's largest insurance companies, quietly raised about $16 million last month, bringing its total capital to over $22 million, according to corporate registry filings in Switzerland.
Slightly more than half of the new capital (8.27 million Swiss francs, or roughly $8.34 million) came in the form of cash, with the rest coming as converted debt, according to the filings with the Swiss Commercial Register.
B3i had previously raised 6.3 million Swiss francs (about $6.35 million) around the time it was incorporated in March 2018.
The company did not respond to a request for comment by press time, but it was known to be seeking funds (some reports have stated it could be targeting as much as $200 million).
News of the filing was reported earlier by Ledger Insights.
US Regulator Blacklists Colorado Trader For Orchestrating $1.5M Bitcoin Scam
Daniel Todd Levine of Englewood (Colorado) in the US has been barred from trading following his alleged involvement in a Bitcoin scam that resulted in losses of approximately $1.5 million in investors' funds.
Microsoft's Bing Reportedly Blocked Over 5 Million Cryptocurrency Ads Last Year
Microsoft's search engine Bing has reportedly blocked over 5 million cryptocurrency-related ads last year, as a result of a ban the search engine enacted in an attempt to protect its users from fraudsters.
According to Bing's ad quality review, the company's bad account takedowns doubled in 2018, with cryptocurrency, weapons, and third-party tech support scams being the main problems it faced. Overall, Bing suspended "nearly 200,000 accounts" last year, and removed 900 million ads from its platform.
U.S. Is A Bigger-Than-Expected Source of Crypto Trades, Firm Says
U.S. exchanges handle about 29 percent of global Bitcoin trading - much more than previously thought because some unregulated rivals overseas are inflating their volumes, according to estimates from a firm working to create a crypto exchange-traded fund.
The U.S. is the world's second-largest domicile for exchanges by trading volume after Malta, Bitwise Asset Management found in a report. The company filed the document with the Securities and Exchange Commission on March 20 as it seeks approval for an ETF. It argues that figures indicating the U.S. handles only 1 percent of investor trades aren't accurate, and that the market is actually better regulated than popularly thought.
Prosecutors Begin Investigating FutureNet After UOKiK Issues Pyramid Scheme Warning
In Poland, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) had warned the public against interacting with FutureNet and related companies as a result of a potential pyramid scheme. As reported by BehindMLM, FutureNet and their shell companies are theorized to be "pyramids," after the publication researched the platform with FutureAdPro and Banners App as well.
Warsaw prosecutors have already gone after BCU Trading and FutureNet Ukraine, which are shell companies associated with FutureNet.
CNNS Can Be Exchanged With USDT Now, Time To Earn And Redeem!
Between March 21st and April 1st (UTC), CoinNess will launch the third round of campaign in 2019 where participants will collect the token CNNS via multiple tasks across the board, and later redeem the tokens into USDT at a ratio of 100 CNNS : 1.5 USDT!
Any CNNS obtained from CoinNess App and official Telegram groups are granted eligibility to be redeemed as USDT, and the maximum amount of redeemable CNNS is set as 3,000 each person while the minimum is set as 140 CNNS. Participants can file an application for redemption with @CoinNessBot in the designated official Telegram group at any time between March 21st and April 1st (UTC). To all participants in our campaign, please beware that you are allowed only ONE chance of such an application throughout the twelve-day slot.
Redeemed USDT will be distributed your digital wallets within four to seven business days after application.
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GitHub User: Ethereum Wallet MetaMask Leaks Addresses and Browsing Information
According to a message posted on MetaMask GitHub, the well-known Ethereum wallet MetaMask has been broadcasting the Ethereum wallets of their users to websites which are being browsed by them. In the meantime, the wallet allows the third parties to view their Ethereum addresses and possibly associate it with their website browsing dynamics. Actually, the wallet has a built-in "Privacy Mode" which is capable of preventing this from happening, while the function requires users' manual operation. If this feature is not enabled, the App will synchronize the relevant information to the websites that users surf. One user who submitted this information stated that the move sacrifices the privacy of everyone within the system, because Amazon, Google, PayPal, and other websites are able to link users' blockchain transactions with credit card payments. Hence, users' identity, as well as that of the users who are trading with the users, will be exposed.
The China-based security firm Johnwick.io previously revealed that in order to protect users' privacy, the new version launched by MetaMask has added a new feature to protect users' private information. As a plug-in wallet of Chrome, the speciality, namely the accessible interaction between the wallet and DApps, has been adopted widely. In earlier versions, all websites own the access to call the MetaMask, aiming at acquiring users' Ethereum address. With the new version being launched, websites cannot obtain users' address without permission. The function needed to be opened manually, however. For those concerned ones, go to the Setting and enables Privacy Mode.
OKEx Announces To Terminate ETT Market
Due to business restructuring, OKEx will terminate the ETT trading market from Mar 29, 2019. OKEx will not support the trading of ETT after that date. It advises all ETT holders to withdraw their assets to other trading accounts.
Russia Quietly Removes Mentions Of Cryptocurrency From Delayed Digital Asset Bill
Bitcoin enthusiasts in Russia will have to endure yet another setback as the government has a postponed bill seeking to recognize and regulate digital financial assets in the country. The delay comes after several terms, including "cryptocurrency," "smart contracts," and "token," were removed from the bill's text.
According to a report by TASS, the terms were removed during the bill's second reading on March 18.
Rakuten Wallet Ready For Launch In April
As reported by CoinNess.com, Rakuten Wallet is now the registered crypto exchange of Japan's Financial Services Agency (FSA).
The exchange will go live next month, the company confirmed in a press release on March 25.
trueDigital Expands Distribution Of Its Bitcoin And Ether OTC Reference Rates
Institutional digital assets platform trueDigital Holdings has signed two new distribution deals to expand the reach of its over-the-counter (OTC) reference rates for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).
Announcing the news on March 25, trueDigital said that it has partnered with Kaiko, provider of cryptocurrency market data, and Inca Digital Securities, a data aggregation and analytics platform, for the expansion.
The partnership will see Kaiko and Inca offering BTC and ETH OTC reference rates to their customers, including asset managers and institutions, trueDigital said.
Hamas' Military Wing Asks Supporters For Bitcoin Donations Again
The Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of an organization designated as a terrorist group in Europe and the United States currently in control of the Gaza Strip, Hamas, have recently called on supporters for Bitcoin donations.
According to the Israel National News, the group has asked for cryptocurrency donations through a special page on its website that asked supporters for BTC to "Support the Resistance" in a campaign that sees it state there's a duty to "support jihad because Jerusalem is an integral part of the Islamic faith."
DDoS For Hire Websites Responsible For 11% Of Attacks Worldwide
The Nexusguard "Q4 2018 Threat Report" revealed that the FBI's shutdown of the 15 largest distributed denial-of-service-for-hire vendors ("booters") reduced the overall number of attacks worldwide by nearly 11% compared to the same period last year. Along with the fewer total attacks, the average size decreased by 85% as did the maximum attack size by 24%, indicating the FBI crackdown was effective in reducing the global impact of DDoS attacks. However, the managed DDoS mitigation service provider believes that booter websites are poised to make a comeback despite the crackdown due to growing botnets and an incessant demand for DDoS-for-hire services.
Squire announces its definitive agreement for the first step with CoinGeek blockchain cloud computing transaction.
Blockchain Financial Plumbing Is Still Years Away, Says LSE Spinoff Exactpro
QA specialist Exactpro is a former unit of the London Stock Exchange, and in its estimation, distributed ledger technology (DLT) systems are still a few years shy of tough benchmark software tests, which they would have to pass before anyone could use them to handle post-trade processes in the real world.
$2.40 Million Worth ETH Moved
As of 12:00 (UTC) on March 25, CoinNess.com has observed $2.40 million worth ETH moved from the address starting with 0xf4a2ef to the address starting with 0x8a288f.
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Cryptopia: Funds Deposited 24 Hours After Declaration Of Breach Would Not Be Recovered
Cryptopia released a statement detailing information regarding the deposits that took place after the hack on January 14th.
The statement said that all customers were notified about the breach on January 15th at 12:00 am NZT (00:00 UTC) and thus, deposits that took place more than 24 hours after the announcement would not be recovered. Cryptopia stated, "This means that if you sent funds after 16/01/2019 12:00AM NZT we will not be recovering those funds for you."
24H News Roundup Mar. 25: Japan's FSA Approved Registration Of Two Virtual Currency Exchanges
1. Japan's FSA has approved the registration of Rakuten's "Rakuten Wallet" and "DeCurret" as a virtual currency exchange;
2. The National Assembly of South Korea proposed an act to promote the blockchain industry.
1. Three new Tokyo venues accept BCH: La Fiesta (Mexican Restaurant), Wallstreet (American food restaurant and bar) and Jokers Bar (Night club, before 19:00 is lounge);
2. TRX launched on eToro, a multi-asset platform which offers both investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies, as well as trading CFD assets.
1. TaoTao, the exchange of Z Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yahoo Group, is expected to open cryptocurrency trading service in May this year.
1. Daniel Larimer, lead developer of EOSIO, said in the EOS Telegram group on March 24, "June will be biggest news since EOSIO announcement;"
2. The Bitmain's application for IPO in Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) is likely to "fail/expire" on March 26 (UTC+8);
3. As reported, close to half of Justin Sun's new followers revealed as fake.
DragonEx's In-House Wallet Falls Victim To Attacks With Digital Asset Being Lost
Cryptocurrency trading platform DragonEx announced via Telegram, saying on March 24, the in-house wallet of DragonEx has been attacked by hackers, which led to the losses of users and platform. Currently, part of digital assets lost have been taken back. The platform also said that it would try its best to retrieve the lost assets.
The case has been filed with the administrative and judicial organs of Estonia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc., and DragonEx is assisting the police in conducting investigations. All basic services such as deposit and withdrawal will continue to be suspended, and the platform will reveal the details of lost assets and how retrieving process is going within one week. DragonEx also expressed the willingness that it will be responsible for the users' losses caused by hacking.
Bitrue Adds XRP Base Pairs Against Three Cryptocurrencies
Singapore-based exchange Bitrue lists three trading pairts against XRP, namely DASH/XRP, BAT/XRP, and STORM/XRP.
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