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RIF Labs launches RSK Name Service (RNS) for public usage
RIF Labs, the blockchain infrastructure service company led by RSK Labs’s founding team and other top executives, has officially announced on January 16 the launch of the RSK Name Service (RNS). RNS is the first implementation of the RIF Directory Protocol and allows users of the Root Infrastructure Framework Open Standard (RIF OS) full access to the service that enables users to easily identify relevant resources such as RSK addresses, public keys, social network handles, among others on the RSK Live Network via readable aliases and domain names.
Bitcoin Payment Company BitPay Processes $1 Billion in 2018
In 2018, BitPay processed over a $1 billion again in payments and set a new record for transaction fee revenue by adding new customers like Dish Networks, HackerOne, and the State of Ohio. BitPay's B2B business also had a record year as it grew almost 255% from the previous year as many law firms, data center providers, and IT vendors signed up to accept Bitcoin. BitPay also hired Rolf Haag, Former Western Union, and PayPal executive as Head of Industry Solutions responsible for the B2B business.
CoinNess.com Featured U.S. Blockchain Stocks Closing on Jan 16: Market in Favor with Bears
CoinNess.com starts to deliver a special report featuring the closing prices of the U.S. blockchain stocks at the end of the day.
Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE: KODK): $3.09, +3.00%;
IBM Common Stock (NYSE: IBM): $121.62, -0.049%;
Accenture Plc (NYSE: ACN): $147.88, +0.68%;
Square Inc (NYSE: SQ): $65.90, +0.023%;
Overstock.com (NASDAQ: OSTK): $14.11, -3.62%;
Marathon Patent Group Inc (NASDAQ: MARA): $0.37, -0.27%;
Riot Blockchain Inc (NASDAQ: RIOT): $1.60, -1.84%.
CoinNess.com Featured U.S. Blockchain Stocks Daily Performances on Jan 16: KODK Outperforming the Rest
CoinNess.com has started a new featuring report on the daily performances of the U.S. blockchain stocks. KODK: $3.09, +3%; IBM: $121.62, -0.049%; ACN: $147.88, +0.67%; OSTK: $14.11, -3.62%; MARA: $0.37, -0.27%; SQ: $65.9, +0.023%; RIOT: $1.6, -1.84%.
$20.26 Mln Worth of USDC Moved
As monitored by CoinNess.com, as of 21:04 (UTC) on Jan 16, a total of 20 million USDC, which equates approximately to $20.2671 million, was transferred from an address starting with 0xa3ae to another one with 0xe13a.
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Enterprise Blockchain Company Raises $16 Million, Led by Mandra Capital
Chronicled, founded in 2014, has recently announced that they have raised $16 million in Series A Funding, led by an investment firm out of China on January 15, 2019. The $16 million funding was led by Mandra Capital, a well-known hedge fund based in Hong Kong focused on "early growth opportunities" in sectors including agriculture, e-commerce, mining, and blockchain companies.
CoinNess.com Survey: Do You Invest in Any Financial Products?
This is an anonymous survey that aims to learn some basic information about our CoinNess.com App users and your critical suggestions. Your answers are extremely valuable to us, and we take your privacy very seriously that we do not share your information with any third party. We would very much appreciate you sparing 3 minutes to take part in the CoinNess.com survey which includes 11 questions.
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CoinNess.com Features BTC Transaction Count, Time Between 13:00 to 18:00 UTC Was the Businest
Citing data from Blockchain, as of 20:00 (UTC), the current number of BTC unconfirmed transactions is 5,276. The 24h transaction rate (txs/s) marks 3.92, and the network hashrate reads 40.85 EH/s. The mining difficulty marks 5.88 T, which is estimated to go up by 3.27% to 6.08 T shortly. On the 24-hours chart, the unconfirmed transactions number started to rise around 13:25 Jan 16 and formed a peak point at 21,163 at 15:01; then the number starts to fall until 18:09. The period between 13:00 and 18:00 can be understood as the rush hours for the Bitcoin trading in the past 24 hours.
Delvinia Invests in Blockchain-Based Data Platform
Data collection firm Delvinia has made what it describes as a 'significant investment' in UK-based blockchain-powered data platform Measure Protocol, which will use the funding to launch a consumer-facing app business in the second quarter of the year. Measure Protocol, launched in September by a team of four former execs from YuMe and Crowd Science, has developed technology to address concerns around fraud, privacy, transparency and consumer participation rates. Respondents who use the company's mobile app get paid to complete surveys and connect personal data sources such as location, health and purchase history from their online store accounts; while those who buy the data can target specific groups of consumers based on their profile and behavioural attributes, all protected using advanced cryptographic techniques. Through Delvinia's investment, Measure Protocol will extend its development work into advanced cryptography for protecting consumer data and profiling. As part of the relationship, Delvinia will provide Measure Protocol with strategic advice, while identifying immediate opportunities to improve the research experience.
Oil Majors Join London Based Blockchain Platform VAKT
Oil majors Chevron and Total, along with major Indian refiner Reliance Industries, have joined the blockchain-based platform VAKT, London-based VAKT said on January 16, 2019. VAKT was founded in 2017 by a consortium that includes oil majors BP and Royal Dutch Shell, Norway's Equinor, global energy trading firms Mercuria Energy Group and Koch Supply and Trading, as well as Gunvor Group. Its original shareholders began using the system in November, starting for North Sea crude oil trading.
Banks ABN Amro, ING and Societe Generale, are other shareholders.
Blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrency Bitcoin, is viewed by many as a solution to trade and settlement inefficiencies, as well as a way to improve transparency and reduce the risk of fraud.
VAKT digitises and centralises what was previously a mountain of paperwork shared between all the parties involved in each deal. Total's head of trading and shipping Thomas Waymel said in a statement. "We view them as a major step forward towards safer, faster and cheaper logistical operations. We are committed to contributing to the rollout to various markets of the VAKT blockchain platform."
After 10 Years Serving Ohio, Randy Cole Joins Blockchain Startup
Randy Cole, executive director of the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission and a former honoree of Government Technology’s Top 25 Doers, Dreamers and Drivers program, has left the public sector to join a company that plans on finding ways to use blockchain technology to serve government. The startup he's joining, Ownum, is based in Cleveland and employs a team of about 15 people. It plans on using blockchain technology to make government more efficient, according to founder and chairman Bernie Moreno. Maybe it’ll serve business needs as well.
US Dollar and Japanese Yen Remain Top 2 Most Traded National Currencies in BTC-to-Fiat Market
Citing data from Coinhills, as of 19:16 (UTC) on Jan 16, 2019, the US Dollar retains the laureate for being the most traded national currency in the BTC-to-fiat market with a 48.19% dominance, followed by the Japanese Yen (43.42%), the Korean Won (4.58%), the Euro (1.84%) and the British Pound (0.64%).
CoinNess.com Analysis on Jan 16: BTC Swings Between $3520 and $3650 in Near Future, Market Traders Are Still in 'Wait-and-See' Mode
At the time of writing, CoinNess.com sees the BTC spot price marks $3,605.47. Bitcoin has been fluctuating between $3,649.63 (10:00 UTC Jan 15, 2019) and $3,520 ( 6:00 UTC Jan 16, 2019) in the past 24-hours according to the day-chart. As CoinNess.com analyst predicts, Bitcoin bull would face a mild pressure at the $3,660 level and a strong pressure at the $3,750 level. Respectively, the weak supporting level and the strong supporting level would be $3,520 and $3,440. Once BTC breached $3,520 or $3,660, pay attention to the potential price correction. We suggest the investors adjusting to a 'wait-and-see' mode, and if the BTC were able to stand up to $3,660, investors could mildly add it to the position.
ETH's current price marks $121.95, which again has walked to a downtrend tunnel. We do not suggest the investors buy in at this risky position. The supporting level and pressure level for ETH are estimated to be $144.5 and $124.
EOS marks $2.4 with its supporting price at $2.38 and pressure at $2.48.
ETH Bulls Pulled Price Up to $124.15 USDT on Binance
The buyers of Ether were mustering up strength to lift up the price of ETH to a recent high at $124.15 USDT on Binance. The price pulls back a bit to the current $122.63 USDT.
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Bitcoin Block Halving Is 66% Complete with Next Block Halving in 495 Days
As of block 558,600, 66% of the blocks on the Bitcoin chain have been mined until the next block halving, which is supposed to take place on May 25, 2020, or in other words, 495 days later.
Block halving is a process where the mining rewards will get halved after a total of 210,000 blocks are mined. The reward, however, will be reduced from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC.
At the time of writing, the total number blocks mined for Bitcoin were 558,763 and the inflation rate per annum is at 3.83%. The number of Bitcoins mined every year will reduce with every single halving until all the Bitcoins are mined.
CoinNess.com Market Surveillance Jan 15: Bitcoin Dipped Below $3600
As of 18:00 (UTC) on Jan 16, Bitcoin (BTC) spot price again dropped below $3,600, marking $3,588.49, down by 0.37% in the past 24 hours.
63 coins out of Top 100 by market cap in the broad market are rising in the uptrend.
The global market cap marks $140.43 billion, and the 24-hour trading volume is $21.47 billion.
Major Coins
1. BTC quotes show $3,584.72 USDT on Binance, $3,691.2 on Bitfinex and $3,607.02 on Coinbase Pro;
2. CoinNess.com Market Index presents quotes for major cryptocurrencies besides BTC as following: ETH marks $122.03 (-2.83%); XRP marks $0.3263 (+0.3%); BCH marks $127.92 (+0%); EOS marks $2.41 (+1%); LTC marks $31.35 (-0.52%); ETC marks $4.28 (+1.5%).
Top 3 Gainers and Losers in Cryptocurrencies
1. Top 3 gainers among Top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap: AE (+24.11%), POWR (+20.52), REP (+20.24%);
2. Top 3 losers among Top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap: DCN (-18.62%), REPO (-12.57%), BCZERO (-8.64%).
Top 3 Gainers and Losers in Categories
1. Top 3 gainers among 49 categories: Market Prediction (+3.19%), Smart Contract (+3.19%), IoT (+2.59%);
2. Top 3 losers among 49 categories: Game Concept (-2.83%), Nortarization (-1.87%), Exchange Issued Token (-1.49%).
Cap Flows of Coins/Exchanges
1. Top 3 capital inflows within the last 24 hours: BTG (+$95.6 mln), OMG (+$54.51 mln), XMR (+$44.66 mln);
2. Top 3 capital outflows within the last 24 hours: ETH (-$290.67 mln), EOS (-$72.69 mln), ETC (-$28.13 mln);
3. Net inflows/outflows of exchanges: Binance (+$3.88 mln), Bitfinex (-$1.76 mln), Coinbase Pro (-$3.82 mln).
ETH Bulls Pulled Price Up $124.15 USDT on Binance
The buyers of Ether were mustering up strength to lift up the price of ETH to a recent high at $124.15 USDT on Binance. The price pulls back a bit to the current $122.63 USDT.
For more alerts on real-time market changes, add your portfolio at "Watch List" to enable the Intelligent Market Monitor, seizing more investment opportunities.
'Critical' Vulnerability in Beam Wallet Put Funds at Risk, Say Developers
Developers behind the privacy-focused cryptocurrency Beam have revealed that the "critical" bug discovered in their wallet software last week could have put user funds directly at risk.
As stated in a Medium post published on Jan 16 the vulnerability would have allowed an attacker to create "modified transactions" and subsequently send funds directly into the attacker's wallet.
Beam CTO Alex Romanov explained that the issue was application-specific and in no way related to the privacy-enhancing technology mimblewimble, saying, "The vulnerability is not related to mimblewimble or cryptography or any underlying technology. Basically, it's a bug in the application itself … It just affected the wallets because it would be possible to create this specific transaction."
Speaking to the issued patch, Romanov explained that the fix was relatively simple. "We have just prevented this specific scenario in which this custom transaction would have been accepted by a running wallet and that's it," said Romanov to CoinDesk.
Lighting Network Tallies More than 20k Channels
Citing data from an explorer 1ml.com, the expansion of Lightning Network reaches another milestone - a total of 20,119 channels are created to maintain the network. The steady growth of the most ambitious Bitcoin scaling solution is looking more and more promising. Currently, there are 5,440 nodes registered.
However, the full capacity witnessed a slight slip from the previous 560-something to 509.47 BTC, which translates to approximately $1,847,604.05.
CoinNess.com Market Index: BTC, $3,661.48, -0.37%.
Ripple Issues a Statement on 'Biased Nonce Sense' Paper: Using Exclusively Deterministic Nonces Will Not Be Vulnerable to the Attack
A new research paper by Joachim Breitner and Nadia Heninger about the repeated use of insufficiently random 'nonces' in ECDSA digital signatures has caught the attention of Ripple. The San Francisco based blockchain startup talked about the research which highlights an attack that is more serious than previously known on digital signatures with imperfect nonces. Ripple noted that the vulnerability is a result of a software defect "that signs transactions that are subsequently submitted to systems that use secp256k1 signatures — including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP Ledger and dozens of other distributed ledger technologies."
However, Ripple said that the vulnerability is not present on the core software that runs these blockchains.
The company then went on to say that those using exclusively deterministic nonces will not be vulnerable to the attack mentioned in the paper.
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